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Reader Feedback

Here is what readers have to say about the Dog Food Project. I've received far more feedback in the past years than what is listed below, but never thought of asking for permission to use any of it publicly, so I don't just want to post old emails without the sender's consent.

If you have found my site useful and would like to see your feedback posted here, please send me an email! I will not publish your email addresses on my site and will not make them available to any third parties either.

The Dog Food Project site has been an immense help to me, in researching the best foods for my Shih Tzu. The well-designed, clean formatting, makes it easy to find the information I need, whether I am researching commercial dog foods, or trying to formulate an organic fresh food diet. One of my favorite, newly discovered, links on this site, is the "Natural Supplementation" page! There is a wealth of factual, unbiased, information on The Dog Food Project; and the site is continuously updated. Fabulous job!

Pam, USA.

I have found this website totally helpful when it comes to canine nutrition. It offers unbiased information and it helps explain what different things mean on dog food labels. I have found that it's explained in a simple easy to understand way and I have found this website to be one of the few, if not the ONLY, website that has listings of ALL dog food products out there. I highly recommend this website to anyone who is looking for information regarding canine nutrition and I ALWAYS refer people to this website whenever they are looking for advice regarding canine nutrition. Mordanna is extremely knowledgeable about canine nutrition and she always takes the time to help people out. I've known her from various message boards and she truly is an asset to all of them.

Meilani and the Zoo in Chicago, Illinois

I have found this website to extremely informative and organized. I also like the fact that it is up-to-date on newest foods and ingredient changes if any. It has a wealth of information regarding pet nutrition and has helped me understand what those "unpronounceable" ingredients are on pet food labels. If anyone wants to know about pet nutrition, I would refer them to this site because it provides unbiased information so that the reader can decide for themselves what is best for their pet.

Eledys and Tux from Florida

Wow, reading your webpage on dog food was really an eye opener! It is refreshing to find current and unbiased facts about what my dogs eat. Your page is clearly presented, easy to read and understand. My dogs and I thank you!

Michelle and Benny, Australia

This website has really opened my eyes to the truths and myths of feeding my pets. It is well laid out and easy to understand. I now take pride in knowing what is going into my pet and feel much better than I used to. I'm no longer tossing kibble into a bowl, I am nourishing a healthier dog.

Hillarie Michaelson, San Antonio, Tx

Willow was two years old when we found her chained to a tree in Vermont. She had many issues some of the worst being the condition of her skin and coat. She had severe seborrhea and raw damaged skin on her neck where a "choke" chain collar had been. She was also almost 10 lbs. underweight and an extremely fussy eater. After trying MANY different foods in an attempt to get her to eat and hopefully get her healthy, nothing was working. Then I found out about your website. The information I found here was invaluable as I was able to research different foods without having to go to many different sites or make a trip to the store to actually look at the packaging. I use it often, as there are many things she won't eat and many things she shouldn't eat due to her skin problems. It has been a tremendous help and I come back to it often when questions arise. She is now almost four years old and her skin is much improved and she is healthy and full of energy. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your site, you have truly helped me to help my dog who means everything to me.

Lori & Willow in RI

An extremely well organized, well researched site. Information that can and should change the way you look at dog food. It's nice to see an unbiased, non-corporate study being done!

Tricia McGivney and Rodney the boston terrier, Ohio USA

I just wanted to thank you for this great website! I'm so interested in what we feed our pets, but more so now because we just got a new Great Dane named Bubblegum. She is 3 years old and came to us right from the breeder. Not sure just how healthy she is yet,, only know what she was getting fed, and wondered if it was good enough, so I was able to compare Kibble for her. Thank you for making it easy!

dyan Cleveland Ohio

Hi Mordanna, I have received so much great information from your site. As a dog trainer, it is "politically incorrect" for me to advise clients about nutrition in terms of recommending particular diets, but I have no problem sending them to where they can get information and participate in discussions that can help them make good decisions about the nutritonal health of their dogs. Thanks for being there for me and for them!

Anne S. Massachusetts

My name is Eileen and I live on Long Island in New York. I have one dog and his name is Stormy. I want to thank you so much for providing the public with such an informative and instructive site. For the first time, I truly understand the marketing gimmicks and different ingredients that are in commercial dog foods. Before reading your site, I was unable to distinguish between a high quality food and a low end look alike. I was also unable to understand how easy it is for a low quality food manufacturer to fool you into thinking that you are getting a good and healthful product when you are not. Because of your site, I now have the knowledge to choose a food for my dog that is indeed high quality. Stormy and I say thank you!!

The Dog Food Project is an amazing compilation of true facts about dog food. It helped me learn how to read the ingredients on different brands and determine for myself what was the best for my dogs. Since learning what's available and best for my dogs, I have switched their food. They are both much healthier, smell better, have better breath and shed less than ever before. Simply based on the high-quality food I chose after educating myself through The Dog Food Project."

Shellby in FL. Dog-mom to Marley, 4 & Kaya 3

Your site should be considered the Encyclopedia of Dog Foods. I could go to hundreds of dog food company websites gathering biased information, or I can (and do) save a lot of time by just visiting your site. Thanks for your dedication to our best friend, the dog!

John and Bailey, my Lab Kansas City MO